Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Karis Community Church Working Together for the Gospel

Let me just begin by saying that we have been without internet since Thursday and it has been difficult to communicate with the outside world. Even with all of our teammates here we generally communicate through Facebook since the cell phone system here is unfortunate. As I type these words now I am sitting in an internet cafe. We´ll be leaving in a couple hours to meet Josh and Ana (our fellow teammates working in the Sitio church-plant) at the ferry to go to NiterĂ³i together for a week. Hopefully the internet situation will be resolved by then, but for the week we will probably be without internet. It won´t matter though because we are so pumped to work with a mission team that travelled all through the night to get here from Columbia, Missouri, representing our A29 partner Karis [Car-iss] Community Church!! Twelve strong team members led by lead pastor, Kevin Larson, will be teaching a Vacation Bible School, among many other things, for dozens if not hundreds of slum kids in NiterĂ³i. We are super excited to meet them and hear their stories as each of them are bringing their unique mission experience and passion to the table. Moreover, we´re eager to further our relationship with Renato Vargens and his congregation; this is the first time Restore Brazil will be partnering with them for a mission trip. This is going to be an exciting week with lots of challenges, so we ask for your prayer as we open up the summer with the first of three mission trips coming down to serve whole-heartedly to bring Gospel Restoration in Brasil.

We´ll be publishing various blog posts while we´re away, so continue checking back. They´re goodies you don´t want to miss (including Mini-Bio Part 3)!

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  1. Carol Brandt6/1/10, 8:57 AM

    Sorry we missed Skyping with yall! Yall are definitely in our prayers 24/7! Hug those kiddos for me! Wish we were there! I'll be helping with Vacation Bible School here. Scripture says, "I can do all things through Christ", yall sure like to stretch that word ALL, dontcha? Love yall forever, Mom and Dad