Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Centennial Fellow Storytellers!

We celebrated our Centennial Anniversary today! 100 days in Rio! This means that we are now more than half way through, closer to leaving than beginning, and what a time it has been. God has taught us a lot and we're excited to see what He has in store for us during our remaining 9 weeks here. But we're ALSO excited to see some of our wonderful friends when we return home, like our sweet small group! It was a perfect end to our centennial day to open up a giant package that they sent us in the mail all the way from League City, TX! See pics below-

Included in this enormous blessing of a box were tiny toys for the kids we work with and sumptuous snacks, I'm crunching on Nerds as we speak (which are a delicacy here by the way!).

So cheers to our small group for celebrating with us and praying for us along the way! We feel heartily blessed by you!

Lots of love and gratitude,
Giulian and Christy


  1. Awesome! It's hard to believe you guys have been there 100 days already and are closer to leaving than coming. Crazy! We still see no hope of leaving anytime soon, unless God brings a buyer or leaser for our home in the next couple of weeks. It is difficult to wait, but He is sovereign! Blessings to you guys!

  2. Wow. It doesn't seem like 100 days. Can't wait to see you guys and hear your stories!

  3. colton wanted to make sure that you knew that he picked out the nerds himself!! happy 100 days guys. we miss you guys. the kids and i have a bible story and prayer time every morning and this morning, our prayer time is focused on you guys, rio, and the people you are coming in contact with. love y'all.