Friday, March 23, 2012

Incredible Sunset

Wednesday night brought the most insanely unexpected sunset. It was intense! Such a delight. I'm so thankful for the great view our apartment building has.

The sun looked exactly the same in person! Like it was in front of the mountains.
Almost dipping behind the mountains. Beautiful ferry always gliding across the Sound.

I tried to make a panoramic w/ 2 shots...they almost fit! After setting, the sun lit up the clouds in such an unexpected way!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The city, the church, the Christ.

Are you comfortable? This sermon from Acts 8:1-8 that Pastor Adam gave in January reminded me of how uncomfortable it is to live in the city. It's HARD. Our neighborhood is particularly difficult. The other day when I walked through my neighborhood to "my office" (Grand Central Bakery - big tables and free coffee refills!), I counted only 10 women out of dozens of men. The women I meet here don't live here. Women are leaving the neighborhood because they feel unsafe. Our friends in our neighborhood are almost all men. After pulling up roots and leaving friends to move here, it's easy to feel lonely. WHY are we here?