Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adventure in Store

Hey friends,
     Please pray with us as we embark on an adventure into downtown Rio tomorrow in order to extend our visas for the full 6 months. (By the way- we finally got our flight home for September 1st!) They only grant 90 days at a time, so now we need to beg them to give us 90 days more and we have heard that they can be a pain in the rear. That is why we ask for your prayer because we don't want to wake up again at 5:30 am and take a long bus ride to try it again. But as always, we are going to make some fun out of it and check out some of the beautiful museums Rio has to offer while we're there. After all, it is our off day so we must make the best of it! Tuesday will be another adventurous day with the first Brazilian World Cup game. I guess we should ask for your prayer then too as we've been told it can get preeeetty rowdy here, but we're pumped!

Enjoy these pics from our beautifully, relaxing day in a coastal town called Cabo Frio with the mission team from Karis Church. We got to take an incredible boat trip around the bay, visiting a few of the beaches and hunting for shells and sea creatures. It was a blast! More on the mission trip to come...


  1. Wow! Amazing pictures. :) Looks like a wonderful day off. I'll pray for tomorrow.

  2. awww I really like these! Makes me want to be there!

  3. Thanks for your prayers friends! God allowed the process to go very smoothly and we had no trouble at all getting what we needed. Phew!

  4. Great! I can't believe I didn't ask you about that today!