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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Church Without Walls

I know it's popular to say that yours is a "Church without walls", but when this is literal instead of figurative, it's not so popular. Our church in Sitio did not have all of its walls, so this past Saturday we put some elbow grease into it and started to make things happen. We could potentially have three rooms in the church, but the back "room" had been turned into a public garbage/bathroom because of the lack of walls. So with the help of some locals, the team got together and helped construct temporary walls as well as clean out the back room.

This back room (pictured at right) was about three feet high in garbage and waste. We actually thought it didn't have flooring until discovering tile after a couple hours of digging. We can't describe everything we pulled out of there without ruining your appetite.

Missionary Aurora (pictured at left) hard at working helping put in these walls made of "madeirite" which are thin pieces of plywood.

After a morning of clean-up, we held a service at the church. The preaching took place to the background of our hard working wall-installer cranking away with the skilsaw. This bullet hole tells the history of this building- execution center turned church.

We're receiving another mission team on Tuesday, so please be in prayer for these 16 people coming from Florida and 1 from New York. This time they will be working in the ministries that we have been actively involved in so we are excited for them to help!

-Giulian & Christy

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