Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brasil World Cup Game 1

Well, we made it out alive!! It was quite an intense game as Brasil did NOT blow N. Korea out of the water as they had anticipated (not speaking literally of course). In fact N. Korea defended them well and scored one goal of their own, but still was no match for the Brasileiros who defeated them 2-1. I think Brasil will be more on guard against Ivory Coast this Sunday. Enjoy the following videos from our time at a friend's crowded apartment, there was a lot of hugging-

Here are some pics of our patriotically painted street-


  1. Great Game!! 2 Great goals by Brasil!! How did you get both goals on film? Were you filming the whole thing, or just having everyone re-enact it during the replay?

  2. I would record right before they would shoot it. Some call it a sixth sense! -Giulian

  3. Haha a 6th sense. That's funny. That's so awesome. I love how everyone is seriously hugging each other. I'd really have to get used to that! Such a different culture when it comes to soccer!