Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Home at the top of Smith Tower

I just have to share this. I've told so many guests and friends that I read somewhere how a lady designed a living space for her family at the top of the historic Smith Tower in Pioneer Square and is living there still, and I just came across the NY Times article where I read that! It has incredible photos of what they've done to that space. This building you've seen in LOTS of my pictures, she and her husband and two daughters live at the top triangle of it! NUTS!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today, I walked on the parking lot less traveled.

Right there in the middle, do you see my snow angel? Walking home from my Women's Discipleship Group this morning I noticed the parking lot on my hill was completely untouched and blanketed white. So I decided to stomp through it, the first footprints to touch the snow! Half way up, I had a sudden urge to fall down in the snow and make a snow angel, it was exhilarating! There is some crazy, swirly snow action going on up here. Hoping to capture some video soon of crazy, snow drivers...we'll see! More pictures posted below.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Years and Counting!!

Last Monday, the 2nd, marked our third year of marriage. What an accomplishment by God's grace! For obvious reasons we never celebrate on the weekend prior, so we're leaving today to enjoy a weekend together out of town.  This blog post is mainly dedicated to all of you friends and family that attended our wedding and never saw one picture come out of it. You see, after the wedding our photographer gave us 1000 unedited images to sort through, so naturally I put it off...until last Christmas! We wanted to give our poor parents a photo book for Christmas so I set to sorting them and editing the ones we liked. Here's the finished photo book that I created for us that should be coming in the mail today! You might just catch yourself dancing in a photo or two...Enjoy!

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