Monday, March 8, 2010

Is that countdown clock my enemy?

Ok that countdown clock over there is staring at me. I mean, I know we're leaving in 14 days, but does it have to flash a constant reminder in my face? But really, apart from having a million questions and wondering if I have everything I need (this is a standard question because I assume that I can't get something I need there- silly), I am SO excited! One main reason is because Giulian and I have felt and seen God guiding our journey so providencially thus far, I mean in incredible ways. We began our official fundraising at the end of January and we are already close to our goal! The support that we have received from so many family members and friends, old and new, has been overwhelming and very humbling.

Giulian and I were discussing that term the other day, "humbling." Last night was the Oscars. Did anyone watch that? We caught a few of the speeches. One unfortunate man was cut out by his co-awardee and began speaking right as they cut the mic and began the "your time is up" music, but that's beside the point.

"Thank you Academy. You honor me and humble me with this." -Mark Boal, Best Original Screenplay

Occasionally when they get up on stage to receive their award, they say, "wow, this is so humbling," or something along those lines. G and I were discussing why that is. It seems that at such a moment of accolade they should be exclaiming, "I have never felt more pride!" (as some certainly do) But what is it in us that makes us feel humbled in that moment? Unworthiness. No matter how hard we feel we have worked or how much we think we deserve praise, we still know that we are completely unworthy. That is why we are slightly disgusted when an actor gets up there and talks about how much they deserve it, because pride is prevalent, but humility is human. Prostrate is the position we are in as humans because only God is truly worthy of honor and glory and praise, and we are merely His creation. Accolades such as an Oscar or an Olympic medal will pass, as will the works that attain them, but God shall never pass. Even when His works (galaxies, sunsets, ocean depths) are gone, He will remain, deserving our praise. Praise him today as the Immortal Creator and Sovereign Orchestrator, and be truly humbled.

Psalm 149:4
For the Lord takes pleasure in his people;
he adorns the humble with salvation.

"Thank you oh God of my Salvation. I exult you as you humble me with this." -Repentant Sinner

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