Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to the Dark Ages

Hey friends and family! We have been out of touch lately because we got our new place (as you saw in the previous post), and we don't have internet yet. Previously we were staying with Jay and Luciane at their apartment and we had internet there, but now we are hoping to get internet at our place sometime in the next week. Please bear with us during this transition time! We hope to send out a Newsletter soon recapping our first week here with some pictures, but until then, please pray that we can continue to get acclimated here with our areas of ministry, apartment/neighborhood, and with all else that comes along with living in a completely new culture! God is good and He is teaching us so much so fast, we feel like we've already been here for months! We're SO appreciative of your prayer during this time. We miss you all very much!

With love from the concrete jungle,
Giulian & Christy

For your viewing pleasure, check out this beautiful green butterfly we saw. There are so many different ones here! And we found a large tortoise living at our apartment complex just moseying around- so cool!

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  1. Hey guys we prayed for you this morning, because Friday is the day we pray for Brazil. We hope you're doing good and the transition is going quit smooth. Anyways, remember when it comes hard, the Lord is with you, is guiding you and protecting you. Blessings, Thomas and Rebecca, Italy