Friday, January 7, 2011

Jumping for joy!!

This was a time lapse shot.

Giulian and I got the hugest laugh out of taking these pictures during our 2nd anniversary vacation in Victoria, Canada. We were down by the harbor across from the legislature building, which was lit up beautifully! The weekend was so beautiful and we're so thankful to the Lord that He gave us good conversation and great laughs!!

Hooray for two years of marriage!

Flying manikin alert!!
We're thinking about joining the circus.


  1. i don't even want to know how many pictures you took to get these!

  2. Ever since I met you Giulian, you were a great photo jumper. Christy, you look perfectly solid in your picture. Your legs aren't bent or anything. Is that "christy" or a statue of Christy? ;)