Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today marks one year of blogging for the Giusti family, and boy has it been a ride. In short, God has provided over and over and over again throughout this year and we are SO glad that you were able to share in this journey with us. From Texas to Brazil to Texas again then to Seattle where we reside now, God has been faithful. Over 1,700 visitors from 45 countries viewed our blog in 16 different languages with a combined total of 4,930 visits!! We are humbled that God would use us sinners redeemed only by His grace to play a part in His global story of redemption, and we ask that you continue in this journey with us in the coming year. God is doing a mighty work in Seattle, just as He did and is doing in Brazil, and we would love for you to "sit with us" as well tell you all the things that we witness.

The whole idea behind this blog, if you remember from the beginning, was so that "we can "sit together" and share stories of God's relentless love in our lives." And throughout the past year we have shared countless stories about God's Great Story. Below were some of the favorites.

Most popular blog posts-

1) 1st Day Boot Camp Pics "It was an awesome, very exciting day here at the 1st ever Acts 29 Brasil Boot Camp! It's obvious that God is at work and is bringing unity to the often fragmented Church in Brazil. Men from all over the country came out, seemed like every seat was full."

2) Church Without Walls "I know it's popular to say that yours is a "Church without walls", but when this is literal instead of figurative, it's not so popular. Our church in Sitio did not have all of its walls, so this past Saturday we put some elbow grease into it and started to make things happen... This bullet hole tells the history of this building- execution center turned church."

3) Natural Disaster & Gospel Ministry "We have seen a lot the past couple of days as record rainfall has destroyed many slum communities with flooding and landslides... Our emotions have been stirred as we have surveyed the aftermath of the already poverty stricken communities of Rio das Pedras and Sitio in City of God slum. People are in desperate need... It would be impossible for them to carry such a load without the grace of God, and He has called the church into action in order to address the burdens of the downtrodden. (Acts 20:35; Galatians 6:2)"

One of the favorite videos-
Brazil's first goal in the World Cup game against N. Korea.

Some favorite photos-

What were some of your favorites?

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  1. Some of my favorites would be....all of them!! I love it all. So glad I get to witness what is going on in y'alls life. Even though we're not together, I can still see what God doing in and through y'all thanks to your blog. Love ya. Miss ya,