Monday, January 10, 2011

John Piper: Striving for the Faith of the Gospel
September 27, 1987

Have you ever wondered what tales will be told in the age to come?...We will tell tales of the grace of God in the history of redemption. We will tell stories about God's power and mercy in the lives of his people—especially the people who dreamed and planned and labored and struggled and fought and suffered for the advancement of the gospel. We will talk with sweet tears in our eyes (I think it's only the painful tears that the Lord will wipe away) about the times when we were fearful and gave no witness to Christ, the times when we planned our dream vacations thoroughly but dreamed no dreams about attempting anything great or small for the gospel. And they will be sweet tears because we will remember how the patience of God did not forsake us in those days the way it could have at any moment, but instead little by little, now and then, more and more his patience made us love Jesus Christ so much that we began to strive for the faith of the gospel.

What we will be speaking about in eternity is of chief importance in our lives today. The most minuscule working of God on earth will be amplified in Heaven. Let us pray that God will change our hearts to understand the true depths of His grace in our lives now so that we can begin "to strive for the faith of the gospel" today.


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