Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Church Gathering in an old Antique Mall

We meet in the Antique Mall with the red signs at right.
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We have been quite busy lately with the church. Two Sundays ago, the 16th, we began weekly gatherings so things have definitely picked up the pace. On top of that, we found out the week before that we would no longer be able to meet in the space that we had planned to be in till April. So by an act of God's faithfulness, we landed in a historic underground space that Giulian said looked like a giant bathroom. Thankfully we have many talented artists who were able to turn the "giant bathroom" into a fantastic worship space. However, I must confess that I was horrified by the potential kids ministry room. It honestly looked like a dungeon and the running joke is that we could quite effectively teach on the apostle Paul's imprisonment for Christ. But after some carpet was laid and curtains, tissue paper flowers, and colorful decorations were hung it was transformed in to a joyful room to worship Jesus! And that is exactly what we have done. We received numerous positive marks from adults who could hear our kids group singing last Sunday, so I suppose for now we can't challenge the kids to sing as loud as they can anymore. :-D

We are praising God that in our few short weeks at this building the kids ministry has just about outgrown its space! So we ask that you pray with us about moving in to a larger room in the building in the coming weeks. It's quite a task to prepare a historic building for kids because there are many boundaries in the architecture, noise control, and building material that we must address. But we trust that the Lord is in control and pray that He is writing His truths on the hearts of all the little people that walk through our door.



  1. HOW COOL! I wish the beacon met in a historic building. Hope you have no major plumbing or electrical issues. Will be praying for you there!

  2. Hey Giulian and Christy! Hi guys, this is Mike Yang. What an adventures you guys are having. I wish, I could be there with you. Keep up the great work and may wishes come true for you guys. It is a wonderful work you guys are doing. I wish you the best!