Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini-Update & Look into Sitio Neighborhood

You often hear us talk about Sitio, the neighborhood in City of God slum where we are helping a brand new church-plant grow, so here's a better look at the neighborhood as well as how you can be praying for our work there. But we couldn't post this without telling you how desperate the situation is there.

As we were walking down the hill to leave yesterday, we saw a little boy slip on the mud and fall. His freshly washed clothes were completely soiled. He stood there weeping as his pregnant mom shouted at him from further up the hill, "Ooooh I'm gonna beat you good! I TOLD you not to run up this hill!!" You can imagine what happened next. We constantly have to remind ourselves when working with these children that it is such a delicate balance of loving affirmation and loving discipline. Thank God we have had the opportunity to spend time with close to 100 kids from the neighborhood over the past few weeks, sharing with them the Gospel of Hope.

But we must have compassion on the parents as well. That mother has to deal with walking all the way down the hill to wait her turn at the three sinks that are there for community usage to wash her few clothing items, then hauling them all the way back up. Not to mention her either non-existent or abusive husband and the potential drug/alcohol addictions adding more stress to the mix. Many of these families are being told by the government that they will be removed from their precarious housing and placed into apartment buildings, but it's all up in the air. Please pray for us and this delicate ministry. We'll be posting more videos showing you the faces of the children that we're loving on at our Media and Resources page, so be sure to keep a look out for those.

Make sure you keep the first ever Acts 29 Brasil Boot Camp in your prayers this coming week! The speakers- Adam Sinnett, Chan Kilgore (& wife Stacy), and Gregg Heinsch all flew in this morning and will be enjoying some relaxation and alternately some slum exposure before the Boot Camp Monday-Wednesday. More on the Boot Camp to come, but please being praying for God to be glorified at the Boot Camp as we prepare!

Grace and peace,
Giulian & Christy

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