Monday, May 17, 2010

1st Day Boot Camp Pics

It was an awesome, very exciting day here at the 1st ever Acts 29 Brasil Boot Camp! It's obvious that God is at work and is bringing unity to the often fragmented Church in Brazil. Men from all over the country came out, seemed like every seat was full. Today we had Gregg Heinsch speak on Gospel/Christ-Centered Theology, Chan Kilgore on the Qualifications of an Elder, and Antonio Carlos Costa speak on Social Justice. The translators Pastor João and Fabiano did a wonderful job and were very faithful to the message, which is such a blessing. Please pray for tomorrow- Jay Bauman will speak on Biblical Missiology/ Contextualization, Gregg Heinsch on Preaching the Mission, Adam Sinnett on Developing Leaders for the Mission, and Chan Kilgore on Leading Communities into Gospel Transformation. It will be a long day so please pray for the attentiveness of the attendees and the energy and voices of the translators, as they'll essentially be preaching two sermons. Here are some photos from today-

Full house
Gregg Heinsch & João
Chan Kilgore & Fabiano
And my personal favorite from the day...

What a blessing it is to participate in God's powerful urban church-planting movement here in Brazil. May He receive all the glory and honor from this conference.

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  1. Monika Pittman5/24/10, 10:22 AM

    We'll be praying for you guys. So much is going on and it is really nice to see all the pictures and everything. <3 you guys!