Saturday, May 22, 2010

A29 Brasil Boot Camp Pics

Wow! What an incredible impact the first ever Acts 29 Brasil Boot Camp had on the church-planting movement here in Brazil, to the glory of God. Many people were challenged and encouraged as they heard God speak into their lives through the lectures, and this is only the beginning. God is at work here in Brazil, Satan and all of his schemes don't stand a chance. Check out the photos below to see faces of some of the unsung heroes in the Brazilian church. We're working on our 8th newsletter right now to come out on Monday where you can read more about the Boot Camp, and we'll be posting videos soon that will be on the Media and Resources tab above. If you don't receive our monthly e-Newsletter, please sign up here. Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer for the Boot Camp, God heard and He responded faithfully. What a good, good God we have.

***Photos Removed: If you want to see/download photos, email us.***


  1. Praying for you guys! Great news and stories about how God is lighting up the darkness there in Brazil! Thanks for being on mission with God and willing to go where He is leading!
    -Michael Winstead
    Clear Creek Community Church

  2. Thanks for the updates and blogs.Knowing that you are on mission for Jesus, keeps me more aware at home about our mission here in League city. God bless y'all! Kurt