Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Travel

This past weekend I got a chance to take a little road trip to Dallas with a good friend and mentor. I was funneled into the gospel again and again as we spent a day experiencing Dallas.

We were also given two Mavericks tickets and enjoyed watching them play the Miami Heat. More entertaining than the game was the half time show. Check it out, do not try this at home.



  1. David "Ondeezy" Ondo2/27/10, 1:21 AM


    Dallas should be thanking Jesus that D-Wade didn't play! The Mavericks can't handle Dwyane!

  2. Monika Pittman3/3/10, 9:45 PM

    WHAAAT!! That's crazy :) how fun! We've been wanting to get to a basketball game. I'm glad you did.