Friday, February 19, 2010

Acts 29 Brasil's New Website!

Guys we are SOOO excited to announce that the Acts 29 Brasil website is finally up and running in Portuguese and English! Please browse the website and also follow them on Twitter (@Atos29Brasil). They will be hosting a Church-planting Bootcamp in May called "Foundations" that we will be working at while we're there. Giulian and I are extremely pumped about this opportunity to participate and think it will be of such benefit to the church-planters in Brazil who are so thirsty for community and training.

Acts 29 is a Gospel-centered church-planting network that our church Clear Creek Community Church is affiliated with. Restore Brazil, the organization that we're going to work with in Rio, was founded by the director of Acts29 Brasil, Jay Bauman. You can find these links and other helpful resources in our "Suggested Resources" section at right. (Note: For those of you whose spellchecker eyes have picked up on my writing "Brasil" and "Brazil," it is no typo. "Brazil" is how we spell it in English but it is spelled "Brasil" in Portuguese. You can learn something new every day on this blog ladies and gentlemen. :-)

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