Friday, February 5, 2010

Counting my blessings, one by one...

I have been trying to write this post for a few days now because I have been overwhelmed with so many blessings! However, I have been so busy researching every possible flight option (a very arduous task) that I have not been able to sneak a few minutes to count my blessings, one by one. God has certainly been blessing us.

1) Received a $50 gift card to Perry's (fancy restaurant) that we're going to use for Valentine's!
2) Randomly saw some friends at Olive Garden on our one year anniversary last month who "anonymously" gave us a $25 gift card for our meal.
3) Seems like I have barely had to cook any dinners because people are constantly remembering us and giving us leftovers from dinner or parties.
4) Giulian was able to speak to the youth ministry at CCCC two weeks ago about how the Gospel applies to giving within friendships, and he did so well! It was truly a blessing.
5) Met with two small groups so far, Terri's & Manuel's, about our trip to Brazil and have seen a lot of encouragement and support come out of that. Thanks friends!
6) Been immensely encouraged by the hearts of so many new friends who have given to us financially.
7) Giulian was given some great language learning tips by our new Ukrainian friend, Pastor Slav. (More on him to come in a post by Giulian.)
8) Some gorgeous girlfriends are going to be getting married this year which brings me so much joy as I know their marriages are going to portray such a beautiful picture of Christ's love for His Church. They are the essense of Biblical femininity, and I miss them a lot! :*)
9) My buddy Matt Redmond has helped me so much as I've transitioned into the frightening tech world. Any time I have a technical question, I can hop on g-chat & he'll help me. And he has been converting all of our Newsletters to jpeg for us!
10) I'll close with saying how warmly supported I feel by all of our friends at Clear Creek Community Church. We have a huge boost of confidence knowing that we have a strong support base that is lifting us up in prayer. We love our church!

Most thankful for the Cross,

PS: Please remember us in prayer as we're going to purchase our flights tonight!!!


  1. Congratulations! Take a step of faith in purchasing the tickets and God will meet you there! your reminder to focus on all the blessing in my life as well :)

  2. Wow, great post Christy!! (even without #9 being on there)

  3. You two have been a blessing to us as a couple. Its been a treasure getting to know you more and your heart and love for God.
    I am excited for you guys.