Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pen-selling Bus Evangelist

Today when Giulian and I were on our way home from Sitio, God ordained a meeting for us at the bus stop. Unfortunately we didn't get his name, but he was waiting to catch a bus where he could sell special pens for the equivalent of $0.50 a piece. Conversation began because he gave us a Christian leaflet and asked us if we know about Jesus. When we told him we were missionaries from the U.S. working with a church in City of God, he fist-pumped the air with both hands and said "Gloria a Deus!" ("Glory to God!"). He told us how encouraging it is for him to meet missionaries who come to help his country. In Santa Cruz, a city on the outskirts of Rio where he lives, his church is doing a work with the large homeless population. Every day he's on the buses from one side of Rio to the other, sharing about Jesus and selling his product to try to support his family. If there was a good way to give out Christian leaflets, it was the way he does it. We watched his speech on our bus and he was so friendly and pleasant with the often tired, frustrated bus riders. It was a blessing for us to meet him. He was full of the joy of the Lord and thankful for how God is always providing for him; you would never have known that he only had one leg.



  1. God Bless that brother!

  2. Amazing story. I loved the One Leg Kicker. Truly inspiring Christy!!