Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leadership Development in Rio das Pedras

Last Sunday I got to be a part of a leadership vision casting meeting at one of the churches we have been working with. After brainstorming with the pastor on ideas for leadership development he asked me to speak to a hand full of guys on the importance and necessity of leadership in the church.

I was able to walk the guys through the Great Commission and how the local church is the God-ordained channel to fulfill it. The pastor opened it up for the guys to voice their vision and they all seemed eager to grow the church and unite the community. Some expressed conviction on how they need to start dedicating more time to furthering the great commision and not to regard church as a place to relax.

I was glad to be used and we are working on next steps for these guys. We are praying that we can influence their character, grow their capacity, and increase their competence. Pray with us that God uses this time as a seed for them to take more responsibility in their church and in their community.


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