Monday, November 22, 2010

It's official! We're LIVING in downtown Seattle!

We got the keys to our new pad on Friday, the same night that another couple from DCC, David and Michelle, got their new place in downtown. God is good! Let me rewind a little bit though... Since our arrival Giulian has interviewed for a few jobs around downtown, one of them being a seasonal position at Macy's on Thursday. We found out we got the apartment for sure on Tuesday, and Wednesday we chased a good lead on craigslist that ultimately got us a bed with mattress, a coffee table, and a floor lamp. So the next day while Giulian is interviewing at Macy's, he and the manager automatically hit it off because the manager is also an alumni of Cal State Fullerton!!! Small world (in God's hands)! So this guy offered Giulian a job on the spot!

After we found out the great news, we decided to go up to the food court and celebrate by eating some Mexican food. Recently, I have been praying to the Lord asking Him to give me passion to invest in other areas outside of the Hispanic community. That is where my heart has been in Texas and I just could not see how it would happen here given our location. However, as we were ordering our food we were able to meet Carlos and Rene, a couple of the employees of the restaurant. They told me (in Spanish) that free English classes for them were far and few between and that they'd love to have one there at the mall before work!

Now it's SNOWING and Giulian had to walk to the bus stop amidst the flurry for his first day of work! It seems like each time we move, God likes to give us an extreme weather welcome present. The snow is so beautiful though, I certainly don't mind. So pure white. I'm trying to let it remind me of the Gospel's power to cleanse me of all sin.

"Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe; Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow."



  1. This post makes me so happy! I'm so happy you guys found a place and that Giulian has a job! Praise God! I can't wait to talk to you soon! I want to see more pictures of the apartment. Maybe even a video?

  2. Awesome. God is good

  3. I'm with Heather on this one!!

    your sis

  4. Praise God for His great provision and guidance! -Mom G.

  5. Im with Heather on this one too! Video?? -junkman6

  6. Hey guys! Glad to see you are doing well and that God is already working through you! Praying for you!
    Adam and Jen Keown

  7. You guys make my happy!
    God is good and i am reminded of his awesome promise to provide as i watch you guys!

    love ya!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to update all of us back home. I'm so excited to hear stories of how the God works through you guys. And that's kinda cool about the English class thing! Merry Christmas to both of you. Miss you!