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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sharing with you not only the gospel but our lives as well."

This will mark our final week with Igreja da Cidade in City of God. We have been working along with another missionary couple, a pastor, and a female missionary to plant this church. By the Lord's grace, these past five or so months have been a stretching and amazing experience. To give you guys a little taste of what we do each week in this community, here is an excerpt of a document that I developed from 1 Thess. 2:8 that helps guide our practice of visitation.

Some of the key things we want to make sure to do while visiting; when appropriate:

Pray - Ask people how they are in need, what is new in their lives, and that we would like to pray for them to seek God for help. 

Learn their lives - Get to know people better, ask a lot of questions, and create a peer-to-peer relationship.

Share our lives - Let them see our godliness, and our need for a savior as well, as we converse and share how we deal with things as Christians.

Witness - Share the gospel message and ask for a response.

Love - Meet needs, share life's joys, and spend time with these people who do not have anyone else to love them.

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    1. Love the things you metioned. I think even when meeting with Christian friends it's easy to pass up alot of those things-even talking about the gospel with eachother gets lost. Tim had a good sermon on this that has really made me watch my conversation more when I am simply hanging out with people.