Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redeeming Time

As we finish our time in Rio and prepare for the next season in life, we have had much opportunity to think of what we have done and where God is leading us next. Thanks to a suggestion by a pastor here, I recently read a sermon by Jonathan Edwards on Ephesians 5:16, and he spoke about time in a way that profoundly impacted me.

Our goal as we turn a new page in our life is to make the most of the time in order to advance the gospel and love as high as possible. Join us in completely submitting your life to Christ this year and play a part in His global redemptive story! Redeem the use of your time to leave a legacy for Jesus who will remain long after you and I fade.

An exerpt from the J. Edwards sermon (read the rest here)-
How much may be done in a year? How much good is there opportunity to do in such a space of time! How much service may persons do for God, and how much for their own souls, if to their utmost they improve it! How much may be done in a day! But what have you done in so many days and years that you have lived? What have you done with the whole time of your youth, you that are past your youth? What is become of all that precious season of life? Hath it not all been in vain to you? Would it not have been as well or better for you, if all that time you had been asleep, or in a state of nonexistence?


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  1. Great Reminder! It is hard to not get caught up, especially for me right now, in the ideas of the future. What lies ahead in the next couple weeks, months and sometimes years. The excitement of what is yet to come instead of remembering that we still have time in the moments that we reside in to continue to impact, before the last second comes.

    What a great sermon to hear before your time is up. I hope and pray that you are able to use this remaining time to its fullest, and even the plane ride home.

    Carpe Diem.