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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Encouraging Concert | Trip Lee & Jimmy Needham

So my sister told me last minute the other day, "hey! did you know trip lee is in seattle?" I was stoked because I check the Reach Records website all the time and they never schedule to come to the Northwest! The concert was the next night and we happened to be free so we hit the road and drove 30 miles north to Everett. It was a super encouraging concert, and not only because of the good music, but because of the gospel preached so thoroughly and intentionally. I really appreciate these artists on a whole new level now. Andy Cherry's great vocals supported the headliners, Trip Lee and Jimmy Needham, but it was made abundantly clear that Jesus Christ was the only Headliner in that theatre. Praise Him!

These were my favorite shots from the evening, as well as a video snippet of our favorite song performed that evening that is to be released on Trip Lee's upcoming album. We were actually the first audience to ever hear it! Plus I have to give a major shout to Mimi Taylor and her friend who sign language interpreted the ENTIRE 3 hour concert, including the rap lyrics! Holy cow, I couldn't stop watching her!


Andy Cherry
Trip Lee
Jimmy Needham & Trip Lee praising God
Jimmy Needham crooning

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  1. That's sooo cool!! I like the Juice logo is that your???!!