Friday, November 11, 2011

How can I know what God is like?

This month we are teaching the kids what God is like. The big question we're asking is, "How can I know what God is like?" I once read that there were devoted monks that used to walk around in the forest knocking on trees asking, "God, are you in there?" looking to find God and see what He was like. I admire them for their honest search for God, but feel sorry for them in their forest wandering. Thankfully, God has revealed himself to us in the Bible, and specifically in Christ. The answer to the kids' curriculum question is, "He shows me what He's like!" It's true, God has revealed himself in the Bible!

(Now there can be a whole other blog post just on why we accept the Bible's depiction of God rather than other religious writings accounts, but I will just say real fast that the Bible is historically accurate,  trustworthy, scientifically backed and absolutely united (no contradictions), and to boot it has vasts amounts of fulfilled prophesies - not to mention Jesus trusted the Scriptures as God's revelation of Himself. All that to say, there's at least reason enough to search the Scriptures to see if they personally convince you. )

The real reason for this post is to urge you to check out a new resource put out by Shai Linne. It is a Hip Hop album that focuses on the character of God. Each song is about one of His attributes. Do you know what God is like? This album is a fascinating listen as well as a tool to learn about what the Bible says about God himself! Learn more about the album here. We'll be posting a video from it soon.


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