Monday, October 31, 2011

My Birthday Hike in to the Wilderness

The weekend before my birthday some friends of ours graciously opened up their beautiful home overlooking a bay to us while they were out of town so we got to take some time away from our busy schedules. It was so nice, not long enough! Giulian planned some fun things for us like ice skating, dinner out & a really great hike. We journeyed to Foulweather Bluff which I have to say is the most insanely preserved and interesting wildlife habitat I've ever been to. Giulian also gave me a 50 mm camera lens for my birthday (!!!) so with new lens in tow we set off into the wilderness and found trees growing out of trees, mushrooms galore, brightly-colored leaves, crabs & even a furry little caterpillar. Enjoy!


(You can click the collage to enlarge it.)


  1. Love this! Serena and I went there a couple of summers ago. It's a beautiful area!

  2. Looks wonderful!!I love the top right picture of you!! :)

  3. Love it (all)!! Glad y'all got to get away for your birthday. I'm excited to see more pics taken with your birthday present. These are great!! Love y'all.