Monday, June 20, 2011

Engaging Children During Sunday Gathering

We are currently thinking through how to equip parents of kids six and older to teach and disciple their children through the Sunday morning service. Cornerstone Kids is only offered for kids ages six months to six years old because we believe that parents are the primary disciple-makers of their children (Deut. 6:5-9). Kids can learn a mighty lesson by worshiping together with their parents in the service, but we also understand that it can be difficult. For this reason CK wants to partner with parents to create tools for active listening as well as pre- and post-service conversation. Please click below to see how one DCC couple (who are also CK teachers) are currently interacting with their six year-old daughter during Sunday gathering.


The girl marks off a box each time she catches the particular word in the sermon. Her parents then have the opportunity to explain to her in age-appropriate words what these theological terms mean.
We're currently working through Ephesians so she uses this color page as a visual. This is a perfect way for her to keep her little hands busy while listening quietly.
She uses a map to learn about the historical location of Ephesus and Paul's journey. This connects what she's learning in school about geography to the historical book of the Bible.
She's given blank paper to draw any word pictures that come to mind. This one is of a man crying because he has sin inside of him, but the sin man is all red because Jesus' blood covers over it. Any drawings are perfect spring boards for conversation in the car or at lunch after Sunday gathering, then her younger siblings are included in the learning experience as well.


  1. Whoever came up with these did an excellent job creating perfect tools to keep little ones engaged in "big church". (From an early childhood teacher with over 30 years experience)

  2. Those are effective tools to bring the bible into the childs heart and mind. I love that. Wish I'd had something like that raising my kids. This could be developed into a program that could be distributed to all children's church leaders given to parents coming into service. A special meeting could be scheduled to teach the parents how to use these tools with their children. Great, great idea!!

  3. I sent this to the head of our children's church. Great!

  4. Thanks for the great feedback! It'd be great if you leave your name so we know who to continue the conversation with.