Friday, May 27, 2011

How Hip-Hop Has Served our Home Well

If you have hung out with us for any amount of time, you probably know well our love for good gospel music. Some seem to think it's funny, some brush it off, some people embrace it. Today I'm going to ask you all to give it a try because it's just so good! Here are three reasons why we are fans of Lamp Mode Recordings and Reach Records. 

1. So much truth in so little time.

In Shai Linne's song, In Adam All Die, I have a trustworthy, biblical five minute truth bomb on what the Bible says about man apart from Christ.
In Lecrae's, The Bride, I have a biblical four minute summary on what the Bible says about the Church.
In Trip Lee's, Invasion, we get a summary of the biblical storyline of creation, fall, restoration and consumation in just five minutes!

Ever wonder what the gospel is? Hear Hazakim's summary-

2. Easy to remember biblical truth.

Do you still remember any songs from Elementary school? I do!
Shai Linne put together a great song about the atonement in Q and A form - like a catechism! Listen here-

3. Beautiful gospel expression.

There is something about words, rhyming, hip-hop beats, and the gospel that blend together so well. Here is a clip of a Shai Linne accapella. Tell me thats not great art!

Now go out and get some gospel through Hip-Hop!


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