Friday, April 1, 2011

Take a walk with me...

This is where we live. We walk here, eat here, meet here, and LOVE it here - Pioneer SquareThroughout the week as I'm walking home I see neighbors and friends walk by that I greet with a smile. This district is condensed so it's easy to bump into the same folks during the week. I love that. God gave our church a gathering space here at Court in the Square, a beautiful venue next to an iconic coffee shop. This Sunday, April 3rd, is our official launch celebration! Please pray with us for this neighborhood - that our church would take root here and through it God would bring salvation to our neighbors and friends.


*Note: Some shots are from Pike Place Market, not Pioneer Square - love it there too!


  1. I can totally see why y'all love it! Praying with y'all...

    Olive juice

  2. Loved the "walk" but Dad and I can't wait to come see for ourselves! Just say when! Mauvianne, enjoy your visit this weekend! You must have been invited first because they love you more! LOL Christy and Giulian, God is ready to give yalls church an amazing increase (in membership,in finances, as well as spiritually)! So get ready! It's an exciting time! Love yall, Mom

  3. love it. it hurts my heart a bit to see all these beautiful pics, but we know we're where we need to be. miss you guys!

  4. Really Great Pictures!