Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interview with a Missionary

All scriptural references are from Philippians.

Where are you currently living?
In prison. 1:13

Who has come alongside and supported you through this time?
The church. 1:3-5

What kind of preaching do you rejoice in?
The preaching of Christ. 1:18

Do you know why you are still alive?
For the progress and joy of the church. 1:25

What's your life posture?
Humility like Christ. 2:5-7

Why's that your posture?
Because Christ humbled himself for us. 2:5-11

Are you willing to serve and sacrifice?
I am willing to be poured out. 2:17

Are you a righteous man?
No, but Christ has given me his righteousness. 3:9

What's your goal in all this?
To gain Christ. 3:8

Are you sure you can handle anything that may come your way?
Only in his strength. 4:13

Any closing statements?
To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen. 4:20


  1. I really like this. DId you guys make it on your own?

  2. @Heather - Giulian drew it up from studying. Thanks!