Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Ice Cream Cone

Hey friends,

I feel ashamed at how I've been neglecting the blog lately! So much story has been going on but I've failed at retelling it because we have been so busy. We just returned from an over two week long adventure up the West coast visiting sweet old friends in San Diego and Orange County, then our new friends from Downtown Cornerstone Church (and a few old friends too ;-) in Seattle. I'm really looking forward to going through and posting some pictures and video, but until then I'd like to leave you with one story left untold from Brazil. I can't say it will be the last but it certainly merits a blog post.

This little boy is a friend of ours from the church plant in Sitio - City of God. He and Giulian really made a tight bond so needless to say, it was quite difficult to part with him. However, before we left God blessed us with an opportunity to extend grace to him and take him to the mall. The mirrors were surprising to him and he just couldn't understand why the dolls had to stay in the store windows all day, he thought they were for sale too. Here's a little montage of our fun time together, including his first bite of an ice cream cone.

Love and grace,


  1. Hi Giulian and Christy
    I'm a brother from SP Brazil from a Presbyterian Church, I've accompanying your blog and having the privilege of see how God has acted in your lives, putting inside yours hearts the desire of spread the gospel here in Brazil in difficults places.
    I have a huge desire in be a missionary like you going to India, I'm prayng for that.
    God bless you, to HIM all glory!!!
    Hugs, Renan.