Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from the Blog Break

Hey fam! With all the transition that has occurred recently, we inadvertently decided to take a week-long break from the blog so we could focus on resting and spending time with our family and friends. It has been a really sweet time.

If you haven't read our latest e-newsletter yet then please check it out here. As you know, we've now been back in the States for five days. We arrived back in Houston at 5:30 am last Thursday morning, here were our initial thoughts:

Everyone has been asking us, "How was Brazil?" What a tough question! Our 163 days in Brazil did not unfold as we had imagined they would because God had a much grander plan for us. We are more confident than ever in the fact that God was leading us there to complete a good work in and through us. One of the primary ways we can see him graciously guiding us was by allowing us to meet Adam Sinnett (follow his blog here, you won't regret it). As we mentioned in the newsletter, we'll soon be giving more details about our forthcoming move to Seattle, but for now we encourage you to check out the new website www.downtowncornerstone.org and pray for us as we visit in 2 1/2 weeks, Lord willing. We're planning to take a vision trip on 9/25-10/4 to get to know the church core team, pray over the city, and check out potential neighborhoods/apartments. We are excited!

Our prayerful aim is to create a movement of autonomous Gospel-centered churches in every neighborhood of the city. Through the city, we’ll reach the world. (www.downtowncornerstone.org)
We love Jesus and we love the city. We hope you will prayerfully join us on this journey as we continue to seek God's gospel restoration on the earth. In the mean time, check back on our blog as we reflect on our time of service in Rio de Janeiro as there are still many stories left untold.

We love and appreciate you,

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  1. Nice videos guys. I loved the one "exiting the plane." ;) So happy you guys are back! Haha "How was Brazil?" Thats IS a funny question.