Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Hunt

In the States Easter, along with Christmas, is the time of the year where the most people usually attend church. To accommodate the crowds, churches have to put on special services such as the sunrise service, service the day before, and/or an extra night service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Here in Rio, it's just another Sunday, and I didn't notice much of an increase in attendance at the churches. No special service or signs or egg hunts, and I kind of liked it. Every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday.

One fascinating thing is the chocolate egg craze here. These chocolate eggs line the ceiling of every grocery and department store and can range in size anywhere from a normal egg to a football. It's hard to understand the significance of these eggs, but everyone buys them for each other. There were even people hounding a discounted grocery basket of them today, the day after easter trying to find the perfect egg. Something special did take place at the Easter service in Rio das Pedras slum when the children sang a song from the Prince of Egypt. See the video below. I'm enjoying getting to know the kids more each week.

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